Sunday, June 10, 2007

Puerto Ricans on Parade

Today was the Puerto Rican Day Parade and to tell you the truth I did'nt care. I went to Spanish Harlem to check out the scene the day before and I was disappointed. They have made it that you can get almost anything with a PR flag or a Puerto Rico name embossed on anything. Its kinda sad. Everyone is trying so hard to show that their representing for PR but its plain Tacky. I would like to start a movement to bring some class to the Weekend and show the public that Puerto Ricans are more than some drunk people wearing a flag on their back like a cape. It was sad the guys uptown took better care of themselves than the woman. The only women we saw that didnt have a beer gut were 16 year old girls and Transvestites and im not exagerating.
Well I hope next year my dream comes true of a Parade made up of Puerto Ricans with style and grace strolling up and down 5th ave and leave the logos at home.


shadi said...

yeah yeah yeah

Christian said...

Vaya! It is a shame how we "represent"...Albizu didnt struggle for this..