Friday, August 17, 2007

An open letter to Sanae

Dear Sanae,
Ive never written to you before but i figure now was as good a time as ever. 30 years ago today you bore a Child for the first time. A beautiful little girl. You were a young mother and life was good. This little girl was the product of a loving relationship and had no worries in the world. She was fresh and pure. You were a creative person and I can tell from the photos you had so much to offer. It deeply sadens me to think that this little girl was deprived of your mothering and nurturing after you passed. Im sure she thinks about you every day I know she writes you as if you were still here. I think what if my own son didnt have me around and what his life would be lacking. Today is a weird day. A close friend of mine recieved a little girl of his own. A bundle of Joy from heaven. Then i find out a couple of hours later another good friend lost his Dad and finally a the birthday of your only Daughter. All in one day. Life is so fragile life is so short. I hope your grown up bundle of joy feels your presence. I hope you can guide her and keep her strong and wise. She needs you more than ever. Every year at this time she crys with thoughts of you. Tell her Happy Birthday for me. She will hear you.

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