Sunday, October 14, 2007


I recently went to my friends office and low and behold i see a new Leica M8 sitting on the desk. Now im not usually a jealous person but for a few minutes i was green with envy. I mean i own one of the best Canon Digital cameras they make and i have my own Leica M6 but i have been dreaming of this camera night and day since its inception. Why i dont know but there is something special about Leicas. When you wear one around your neck its like someone put a costume on you that said "Hey this guy is member of secret club dont fuck with him".
Ive gone to stores where they would never give me the time of day and when i go back and have a Leica around my neck they walk up to me and say "good day sir can we help you today. Its like that old Eddie Murphy skit on Saturday Night Live where he dressed as a white guy and people at banks were giving him money when the Black people werent around.
But all joking aside a Leica is an investment. The one I have is almost 15 years old and still retains its Value. The pictures ive taken with it are memorable and its a nice camera to hold.
The New Leica M8 is great. Its digital and you can convert old lens to work with it. About 5 of my friends have them now.
Will i give up my Canon is the question. Probably not but maybe for fun ill change the markings on my Leica to say M8 for fun and see if i can trick myself into finishing the roll that has been in it for the past 2 months.

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