Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Night Outside the Museum

I was driving around because i could'nt sleep the other night and it started snowing. I decided to drive uptown and i ended up on Central Park West. I found myself in front of The Museum of Natural History. It wouldn't normally be a big deal but it was snowing pretty hard. It was about 6am and no one was around and Radio Head played"There There{The Boney King of Nowwhere}from the Hail to the Theif Album. This song made for an Eerie soundtrack.
Radio Head Lyrics
in pitch dark i go walking in your landscape.
broken branches trip me as i speak.
just 'cause you feel it doesnt mean its there.
just 'cause you feel it doesnt mean its there.

I realized that it had been almost 1 year to the day that i had been at the Museum for the Premiere of the Film "Night at the Museum". It was not so much the memory of being at the museum for that event that struck me it was the fact that Central Park and the Street and the Museum were covered in Virgin snow and no one was around. There was a stillness and beauty to the moment. The imagery was remincent to the final scenes of the film when it was late night and the characters from the film had escaped into the snowy streets of CPW and Central Park. I had visited the set for the film in Canada and vividly remember the same feeling. I think I actually saw a Dinosaur foot print in the snow that morning...

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