Sunday, April 27, 2008

How to Remove a cast with a Leatherman

Step 1 Get a Letherman

Step 2 Open the Leatherman to the Saw Blade and cut a line lengthwise to puncture the first layer of Fiberglass( be careful not to breath in the fibers)

Step 3 Test to see how much pain you inflicting on your victim I mean patient

Step 4 Separate the First layer of Fibeglass with your hands then to get more leverage use your hands

Step 5 Open the plier tool to force some of the stubborn pieces off. If your patient is in pain tell him or her a joke. Mother and fart jokes go over well with teenagers

Step 6 Remove the first layer and keep in mind the wrist hasnt moved in months so try not to do any High 5's

Step 6 Repeat step 1 on second layer of fiberglass. The fiberglass is not as dirty but you are getting closer to the skin and boy does it stink down in there

Step 7 Now remove second layer. whew your almost there

Step 8 Take the Leatherman and pull out the Sharp knife Tool and cut the soft cotton lining that protects the smelly hasnt been washed in 3 months arm

Step 9 Cut Cut Cut oh so carefully.. MMMMM can anyone smell dead skin yet it smells like burned hair..

Finally! We cut the cotton off and poof no more cast. I just saved 3 hours in a waiting room a 250 dollar exam with a 400 dollar procedure a day of school and a day of work all thanks to THE LEATHERMAN™

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