Monday, May 12, 2008

How To Make a Cheapo Ringlight and Shoot like the Pros


Beatrice Neumann said...
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a brutha that understans said...

keep your heads up buddy maybe one day you can afford ring flash and must be hard to be so desperette that you can only post 12 years old music video cuz yo cant cant good work no more
i feel u my brother i feel you and heads up maybe someday you can buy real ring flash
peace yo

a brutha that understans said...

u know what man i can spread da wordz for u my brutha and i know some cat who can hook yor azz up wid sum headshots n shit so you dont have to post them old musix videos that are so old anymore
maybe can u try craihslizt and video weddingz n shit - a nigga said u can make like 400 billz for that
no doubt i will hook a brutha up, my cuzin iz gettin merrid in 2010 just hang in there my brother, all iz good for u god loves u

a brutha that understans said...

bro can i send u some food stampz or a blunt or sum shit whats your adrez? i feel bad nobody readz ur blog but im gunna spredd the word to my niggaz to post and send u some propz
not for old azz music videoz from 14 yrz ago but that ring wood shit is dope , got killz brotha
fo real yo and peace out

David Perez Shadi said...

I love when white people try and sound like there not.
Dont be Bitter be Better.
or Dont be Geschmack you fuckin crack head..