Monday, May 05, 2008

"Stress " by Justice or La Haine" The Music Video

I need to give props where props are due. Romain Gavras has done an excellent job with the new Justice video "Stress". I havent seen a Music Video in a while that I can actually say I respect. I've directed some of the most violent scenes in Music Videos and I can say that this is a video that has come closest to recreating violence Ive seen since the Film "Man Bites Dog". A few kids on a rampage in the suburbs of Paris is what is the basis of this clip. It expresses all too well the sentiments of the French youth in France. I saw this first hand in 1996 as a riot broke out on the set of my video and French Riot Police Shut us down causing us to loose a $100,000 shoot. Ironically the video was called "Respect" LOL!

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