Wednesday, June 11, 2008

F1 Grand Prix Du Canada 2008

Thanks to my boy Maya I was able to attend the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montreal Canada this past weekend. It was a glorious weekend of male bonding and High Alcohol content beer. It seemed as if every person in the Grand Prix had a fly ass digital camera. Im usually the one with the latest shit but i felt like going backwards and take most of my pictures with my Blackberry? I know im always the one going against the grain but fuck it you can have the best camera in the world and if you dont have a good eye you just take shitty pictures. Im not sayin mine are fantastic but i think i got a little something. Anyways thanks Maya Labat, Joe(BMW) Avedesian, Seth Goldfarb, Mase Jones, and Glen Fabian and the guy from Kansas for making my Birthday weekend a great memory!

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