Wednesday, July 09, 2008

お目にかかれて光栄です It is an Honor to meet you

I sometimes say to people be careful about meeting your Idols because you might be disappointed. Well I got to meet and Interview the Legendary Photographer Nobuyoshi Araki in his Native Japan. He was as energetic and exciting as I expected and more. I can see how someone like him can motivate a subject to do what he wants because his energy is so infectious.
I also got to meet for a second time Oscar Nominee Rinko Kikuchi and do a brief interview with her. She is stunning to look at and very mysterious. I had wanted to have Araki interview her but that never materialized. Look for more pics soon on these subjects.

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davi said...

he is my fucking hero Shadi!
i am so jealous bro!!!
great life you live...