Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I recently came across a book "60's" of Hajime Sawatari's works. Ive never heard of Hajime and I couldnt find much information about this photographer but I found a bunch of images. I know that Hajime did an "Alice in Wonderland" story that received a lot of acclaim. What I first took notice of was a photo shoot Hajime did with about 10 little boys. It was very strange. It had the naked kids running around a Dock with ships. The kids are then seen in a Bus and then in a field. Where were the parents. There is also a series of shots of the kids being led around with a boy in a Kimono with a mask. The kids looked mostly Japanese and it seems as if it was shot in Japan Dunno? I then found some pics from a Hysteric Glamour book that was shot that had a woman with an Octopus. I really liked these. Very simple and erotic. I think i have some ideas for my next shoot.