Monday, July 13, 2009

Moments of June

Li Ann dreaming of swimming on a plane

Sarah Ann McSweeney Officially 21 OTH

Zorie Barber directing the scene in the miltary junk yard

The nice old guy with the horse that wouldnt listen

Rim Job

Some Condo in Japan

Miyajima, Japan someone left the faucet open

Sarah and her BFF

Models in Nara, Japan

Norman Reedus on the way to a meeting.

Last day shooting in Arizona with Jason Miller

Kuma and the man in Arizona

Sermon on the mound

Curtis yelling at me again

Some cute girl on Broome Street

Curtis needs to buy a fuckin lock

Street kids

Tori Gates Miyajima, Japan

Wet Streets of Miyajima

In Nara, Japan with Zorie Barber and Sarah

Kookie lady in Nara, Japan

Portrait of Will at Shadi Studio

My Sweet 16 Kai Perez of LAB HS

The punk of LAB HS

The dancer of LAB HS


Patrick Hoelck said...

are those the shots of curtis telling on me?

David Perez Shadi said...

Thats Curtis Saying what a good person Risa Knight is

Anonymous said...

what are you two talking about?...

risa knight said...

yeah what are you talking about willis?...