Monday, January 18, 2010

New Years 2010 at Shadi's

So this year I was determined to have a blowout party the likes of one of my famous previous jams. Mark Hartman, Joe Dinoto and I(Shadi) decided at the last minute to host it. We bought about 10 bottles of Liquor and told everyone to come with a bottle and enjoy. We had 4 DJ's. I started the night off and then Mase Jones cranked things into Gear with Original house/hip hop classics on Vinyl then we had Alex Sorokin killing it with some Electro and Oldies to change the tempo then he handed it over to Jules Wood who opened some ears with a sick re=mix of La Roux. We ended the night with thigh grinding Dub mixes by Mark Hartman with his classic collection of 45's. All thru the night I was on the Mic giving shout outs to Lab High School and City As for representing. The cops showed up but just asked us to close the windows and not to let girls rush down our stairs in High Heels. My thanks goes to everyone who came with a good attitude and helped me have one of the best nights ever. Thanks Joe and Mark you guys ROCK!
Photography by Maiko Kishimoto and maybe one or two by Bob Geile Thanks Bobo


Idaho Bob said...

and Maiko.... OK, she took most of them actually. Damn that was an epic party.

David Perez Shadi said...

PLease note the photo credit correction Thanks Bob and Maiko