Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fallen but not Forgotten

Every since I started taking pictures Ive had the dilemma of what do with photos of the deceased. It’s weird becoming friends with someone I photographed and they die way before their time. Its a strange feeling that ill never be able to photograph them again and the most trivial pictures becomes so much more meaningful. It reminds me of War movies where the soldiers don’t want to get to know each other too well on the battlefield so it doesn’t hurt as much when one of them gets whacked. I was going thru my archives and thought I would share them with you. You might or might not recognize some of them but I will never forget them. Rest in peace my friends.

Big Pun R.I.P. photo By Shadi

Harold Hunter R.I.P., Peter Bici photo by Shadi

Little Chris Sinaid R.I.P. Photo by Shadi

Gravediggaz- Poetic R.I.P., RZA, Frukwan, Prince Paul Photo by Shadi

Justin Pierce R.I.P. Photo By Shadi

Old Dirty Bastard R.I.P. Photo by Shadi

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