Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pharrell's Qream release party (hee hee)

Ya get it? It's called Qream and its a release party Yuk Yuk... anyways bad joke Pharrell Williams had a party tonight for the new liquor aimed at women called "Qream" at the New York Public Library. It was a gala event with some familiar and not so familiar faces in the house. Check out the pics and Qream on your self for all I care
On the fix on the way to the Library


NY Public Library (Ghost Busters)

Lady Ga-Goo

Qream Everywhere

Qream and more Qream

My Dates Kai Regan and Bailey Beckstead

Loic sneaking in

Shoes say alot about a woman

The man of the evening

Miss info and Yoon back in Black

MR Jus Ske on the 1's and 2's

Stephanie Tran in her stunning dress

I had to do another pic of Yoon and her sexy outfit

Check out the Keith Herring tat and the bondage straps

The Brit Girls posing for the Qream

Karmin performs for Qream and Pharrell

"Look at me now"

"Im getting Paper"

Ok check the see thru dress with wedgie not sexy then she got into Subway "Ghetto"!  You know she got screamed at on the way home

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