Thursday, December 15, 2011

City of Life and Death

 It is seldom that I am physically moved by a film but when I am I like to tell everyone about it. City of Life and Death or Nánjīng! Nánjīng!  is a Chinese film directed by Lu Chuan. It is about the Japanese Invasion of the formal capitol of Nanjing during WW2. There was some brutal raping and killing of the Chinese and this film shows it. This film is gorgeous but brutal in the same breath. This was made a few years ago and went thru a lot of scrutiny by the Chinese government to get finished.  You don’t see many films about the Chinese vs Japanese during this time but there is another one of the same battle coming out soon directed by Zhang Yimou starring Christian Bale as a priest called “Flowers of War” which will be as graphic or more since its a bigger budget.

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