Sunday, April 20, 2008


This past Saturday marked the second annual<"Legends Never Die" run. It was held for the Harold Hunter Foundation to help raise money for underpriviledged kids. It was the first time I ran it. Last time I just paid money and ate food. This time I did the 8 Mile Run. It was a HUGE turnout and Bon Bon Chicken catered the after party. Bon Bon is a Korean Style Chicken spot in Tribeca and it is like Crack.
The Bridge Runners were on hand to spice things up led by non other than Mike Saes. I felt really good to be part of this run because Harold was a special person and like Saes said at the beginning of the run if Harold would have been doing a run like this he probably would still be here.

The Woman behind the Man Nike Trainer

MIke Hernandez and Jessica Zapo

The morning Stretch before the 8 Miles

DJ ANI, Nick Gavin, Mike Saes

Mike Saes giving the Harold Speach

Some of the 111 runners in Chinatown

Mike Saes and Yves Marc

Up the Manhattan Bridge

Ramona Sidlow

Alex Burns and Noah Rubin

Amy Gunther and Alex Burns

Dumbo from Bridge to Bridge

The Finish line Max Fish at 8 Miles

Up the Brooklyn in last place: Shadi!!

Through the banks to checkpoint one

Manhattan Bridge. The First Hill

David Hershkovitz of Paper Magazine checkin out the runners

Amy Lee and Shadi on St. Marks

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