Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bijoux Altamirano Filmaker

I was honored to be part of my friend Bijoux Altamirano's Short Film
part of a Bible series of films that she has been working on. This one is on slavery in the Bible. She has some great performers, M. LAmar, he is an african american classically trained opera singer and he was reading the passages from the bible in whiteface. The scene was a "tea party/ whorehouse". Kembra from Karen Black was Eve of Evil. Viva Ruiz was in it also, she is organizing a film screening at Deitch Projects in May and I think it will premiere there- it was shot on 16mm.
I was walking around taking pictures of the place and the girls (its not about realism)- the character eventually hands the madam some money and then he exits with a girl - very Fellini-esque but more like Pasolini's Salo. There's two other "John's" in the harem scene, his name is Alessandro Magania, he co-wrote the Asia Argento movie "The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things".The second "John" is this girl Kisha Batista, she's a beautiful model/actress- very androgynous, she'll was dressed as a guy.

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