Saturday, April 19, 2008

Museum of Broken Relationships

I was sent this link recently and It brought me back to my childhood when i brought an Axe to school to settle a problem with a schoolmate. It also gave me some ideas of what to do with my Axe and my repressed anger. ;}

Ex – Axe


She was the first woman that I let move in with me. All my friends thought I needed to learn to let people in more. After a few months of her moving in, I was offered to travel to the US. She could not come with me. We said goodby tearfully at the airport with assurance she could not survive three weeks without me.
As I returned after three weeks, she said: «I fell in love with someone else. I know her for 4 days but I know that she gives me all what you cannot give me.»
I was banal and asked about her plans regarding our life and living together. As the next day she still had no answer, I kicked her out. She went immediately with her new girlfriend on holiday while her furniture stayed with me. Not knowing what to do with my anger, I bought finally at Karstadt this axe to blow off some steam and to give her at least a small feeling of lost – which she did not have obviously after losing the relationship with me.
In the 14 days of her holidays I started to axe one piece of her furniture a day. The leftovers I let stand there, as an expression of my inner condition. The more her room became filled with choped up furniture, and therefore looked like I was feeling, I was starting to get better.
Two weeks after she was kicked out, she came to take the furniture. It was neatly arranged into small heaps and fragments of wood. She took that trash and left my apartment for the last time. The axe is lifted to a therapeutic instrument.

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