Monday, April 14, 2008

N.E.R.D. "Everyone Nose" Video

Diane Martel asked me shoot some do some Second Unit Directing/Camera on her N.E.R.D. video last week. It was a crazy job to work on. It was to say the least rough. There were long hours, close quarters, heavy Cameras, naked girls and more naked girls, throw in some violence for good measure and you have the makings of a 90's Rap Music Video. Thanks Diane for keeping it real in the New Millenium. Pharrell had Lindsey Lohan stop by for a scene and believe it or not there was no fucking Paparazzi. Check back soon for the video link.

Pharrell Williams With ?

Jus and Samatha battling

On the Set with Shay and Chad

The Girls with the NOSE

Lets Just Call her the Life Saver. Seriously!

This is what they were waiting in line for

This shit is so hot its stolen

Kai Perez on the set working 2nd Unit

Kiem doin a pose

Umm Bum

Mia hangin with her new Shirt

Shadi explaining what the red button does

Shadi looking for love in all the wrong places

My new wife

Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke

Shes cute but i dont have her name

She looks like shes saying "What am I chopped Liver?"

Mosh pit scene

Jim Fealy DP legend

The Big Apple ass

Jus Ske

Pharrell and Chad very happy

Lindsey Lohan makin her cameo

Shadi shooting some girls with bubbles

Chad Samantha and Jus posing hard

Chad giving Lindsey a hard time

Chad and Lindsey working the lines..i mean dialog

Jus Ske and Samatha Ronson on strike

Hail Mary Mother of Grace

Shay shakin it up

Girls with the Nose

Hot Brazilian Babe

Merlin Bronques life imitating night life


Beatrice Neumann said...
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Anonymous said...

wow diane looks like shit in most of these photos and funny enough you look great in all of your photos of yourself


What's the name of that curly girl that is shown on many frame videos with Pharrell Williams? PLEASEEEE!!!