Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Polaroids and Me

Dash Snow Miami 2006 By Shadi

I was recently bedazzled being offered to contribute to HUGE magazines "Polaroids Forever" Issue that my dear friend Kun put together. I was flown to Portland Oregon to shoot Gus Van Sant and some Skaters from the area. I had never been to Portland and it was a great opportunity to do a portrait of another Director. I was limited to shooting only with Polaroid and it was a nice departure from shooting digital. Ive always loved Polaroid but you are at its mercy with spoilage, Process temp, and exposure. So I had some really old polaroid and some new but i went for it regardless. I could have cheated and used the Fuji alternative but its almost too perfect like most Japanese products. Polaroid has elements or Super 8 film. Its rawness and unexpected results are what make it so beautiful. I included some of my tear sheets from the issue and some of my favorite pages. I really like HUGE magazine and I wish they made an English version. Hint Hint!

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