Monday, September 21, 2009

As Seen by the Blackberry

Well its been a minute since I blogged. With sad news my Canon G-9 died again. Canon has fixed it about 3-4 times and its been mostly my fault but the last 2 times it died in my pocket with no rhyme or reason so maybe its time to retire it. The G-11 is soon out with a better sensor but they will probably leave out the time lapse function which I love! Also most people dont know this but the G-9 had HD video and the G-10 Didnt probably because they released the Canon 5D mark 2 with video. Anyways here is a selection of Blackberry pics taken over the past month or so. Oh and im converting to the iphone shortly. Blackberry has done me well but i feel like its that time. Enjoy.

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christian thormann said...

thats the pork spot!